Need more info about Cannabliss and our express delivery? Here’s a list of the more frequently asked questions we get.

If you need more info, call us at 778-700-3079 or contact us by email.

Do I need to provide ID?

Yes, all customers are required to send valid government issued photo ID to our dispatch team before your first delivery can be processed. Photo ID can be sent via email to info@cannablissconnect.com or by text to 604-442-6739.

How do I place my first order?

Create an account by clicking on the “Log-In” button then browse “Today’s Menu”. Select your desired items and add them to your cart. When you are finished simply click on “Checkout” and enter your delivery details (address, phone number etc.)
Once your order is received and ID is confirmed our dispatch team will assign the nearest driver to you. When the drive is en-route you will receive a tracking link so you’ll know exactly when your order will arrive!

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders placed within our hours of operation will arrive within 2-hours from the time it was received.

What if I order before 11AM or after 9PM?

All orders received before 11am will be scheduled for delivery in the order they are received when our drivers begin at 11am. All orders received after 9pm will be scheduled for delivery when we open the next day at 11am.

How can I pay for my order?

Our drivers accept both cash and/or debit cards at the door when we arrive with your order. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

What if I have a question about products on today's menu?

Our dispatch team is highly educated on all of the products we carry and are always happy to answer questions and provide recommendations. Simply call us at 604-442-6739.

Do you provide mail order delivery?

No, we are a local delivery service only. If you do not live within our defined delivery areas we are unable to fulfil your order.

What if I have a problem with my order?

If you have any problems with your order or specific items please call us immediately at 604-442-6739.

Will the driver have change for large bills?

Our drivers only carry a very small amount of change (usually less than $20). If you need change for a large bill we recommend that you visit a bank or gas station to break it down before your driver arrives.

About Us

Here at Cannabliss, we guarantee the same great service to every customer that contacts us. Our also provide prompt efficient manner. We will tree

were a guest in our own home, never taking your business for granted – and always thanking you f- age.

We as owners and managers will provide:

  • Clean, safe and comfortable engagement.
  • A diverse and innovative crafted cannabis service with each item being sourced in a high quality manner.
  • Environmentally conscious packaging whenever possible. Attentive, efficient, anddst of Cannabliss.
  • Good value for every dollar spent.
  • A feeling of warmth and 100th order and beyond.

Our success depends on this dedication to high quality customer service, and the best locally so available at unbeatable value. Through our partnerships and social programs, we are THE communit- nabis education and supply.

Quality product and great selection. FAST

“Lots of different products and pricing, is likely the best in town. The several orders I have received have been prompt (under an hour each time) and high quality . Not my first rodeo .... I consider my self 'discerning' and Cannabliss has it nailed. Congratulations for running this like a proper business. Loving the bonus points I get to use on product later too!”

— MikeRocap

Excellent service

“great service, they were in touch the whole way and excellent use of the etransfer. Fast and friendly delivery. Will use again for sure.”

— Pelzbelz